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  • Recipe community: Creation of a complete digital ecosystem for the Thermomix Export countries
  • Multi-vendor, multi-country, multi-currency marketplace CMS
  • Thermomix Rebrush - 12 countries Webs + Eshops
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For a decade, from April 2013 to June 2023, I dedicated my efforts solely to VORWERK INTERNATIONAL as the Digital Product Manager overseeing all digital platforms for the Thermomix and Kobold divisions. Over time, my responsibilities expanded to encompass additional roles such as Product Owner, Head of Digital Projects, and International SEO Director.

Digital Ecosystem for Export Countries

Complete conception and design of Web, Eshop, Recipe platform, multi-country, multi-role, multi-languages.

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Digital Ecosystem for Export Countries

Digital Ecosystem for Export Countries

I have designed and created a new digital ecosystem for Thermomix distributor countries, comprising a recipe platform, online store, and presentation website, tailored for multiple countries and languages. Built using Drupal, this turnkey project involved assembling a dedicated team of programmers, legal advisors, system administrators, and graphic designers. For more information, please refer to the brief video presentation in the following slide.

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Thermomix Basics


I developed a multilingual platform in Drupal using my own team. Specifically designed for existing THERMOMIX customers, its purpose is to provide detailed information on the correct use of the machine, offering an educational and easy-to-understand experience. This platform has been designed in more than 20 languages, ensuring accessibility and convenience for users worldwide.

I offered this turnkey service, presenting a competitive price and delivering within the planning and successfully. I complied with all relevant legal aspects and enabled a significant improvement in the website's SEO.

Cook-Key launch

Launch of the Cook-Key product

I led the strategic planning, vision, and roadmap for the international launch of the Cook-Key®, an innovative accessory that allows users of the TM5 kitchen robot to connect to the Internet and access a wide variety of recipes. I coordinated the launch on websites and online stores in 12 countries, overseeing testing and pre-launch campaigns to ensure a seamless experience for end users. Additionally, I directed email campaigns targeting customers in all countries to promote the adoption of the Cook-Key® and generate interest in the new functionality.


Migration from Typo3 + Magento to Adobe + Hybris

Our project involved the migration of the Thermomix and Kobold websites and e-shops from Typo3 + Magento to Adobe + Hybris, aiming to enhance performance, scalability, and user experience.

Following industry best practices, I meticulously planned and executed each phase of the migration process. This included comprehensive analysis and assessment of existing systems, identification of dependencies and potential challenges, and development of a robust migration strategy.

Throughout the migration, we prioritized data integrity, ensuring seamless transition of content, products, customer information, and order history. Rigorous testing procedures were implemented to validate functionality, identify and address any discrepancies, and minimize disruption to business operations.

I collaborated closely with stakeholders and technical experts to streamline the migration process, optimize system performance, and mitigate risks. Regular communication and progress updates were provided to ensure alignment with project objectives and timelines.

Post-migration, extensive monitoring and support mechanisms were established to address any issues promptly and ensure the continued smooth operation of the Adobe + Hybris platform. User training and documentation were also provided to empower staff and maximize the benefits of the new system.

In conclusion, our migration from Typo3 + Magento to Adobe + Hybris was executed with precision and adherence to industry standards, resulting in a seamless transition and positioning Thermomix and Kobold for continued growth and success in the digital landscape.


Domain Migration to a Single Domain: vorwerk.com

The project involved migrating multiple websites and e-commerce platforms to a unified domain, vorwerk.com. To ensure a seamless transition, I have conducted thorough audits, and developed a detailed migration plan, implementing 301 redirects, and performing comprehensive testing in a staging environment. The goal was to consolidate branding, enhance user experience, and secure and strengthen search engine visibility while minimizing disruption to our users.

Blogosphere Spain

Creation of the blogosphere for Vorwerk Spain with Wordpress.

Creation of blogs

Creation of blogs with Typo3 and Adobe for the 12 countries of Thermomix and Kobold divisions

AOSOM Marketplace - Country Manager

Set up of AOSOM Marketplace in Spain. 6 meses 2013/2014


Campus Sanofi

Web development and content administration of the Spanish platform of Campussanofi.es, 3 years - 2009/2012


Privalia / Veepee España

Complete Front-end development, 1 year 2009/2010


Multi-vendor marketplace with Magento. Complete Front-end development, 1 year 2010

Josephine Altavilla

Product development and management, blog and E-shop of Josephine Altavilla, 2 years2006/2008



Front-end development of TV3 XL, TV program website

Taxi Barcelona

Taxi Barcelona

Product development and management of the website of Taxi Barcelona, 2011

Thank you for reviewing this list, which provides a representative but not exhaustive overview of the projects I have led during my nearly 20-year career as a Digital Consultant and Product Manager.